Sunday, June 29, 2008

The annual washing of the windows....

This is a picture of the screen porch on the back of the house, every year on or around the 4th of July I take all the windows and screens out and wash them, normally Wendell works on the 4th of July, Nick is in Florida and I am home alone, so I took to washing windows on the 4th for something to do - sounds like a very fun day - huh?! A couple years ago Wendell decided he would help me, so we started doing them a week or so before. Of course if you do the windows on the porch you have to do the whole house! There are 10 windows on the porch, they are storm windows and the screens are on the outside, but everything comes out on the inside, so you have to take all the windows out to wash both sides and I take the screens out and give them a scrub too. There are only 11 windows on the rest of the house, so we just do them all the same day. Wendell came up with this idea of using a carpenters apron for all his supplies, he washed the windows and I washed the screens - it sure makes it go quicker when you have help!
We started about 10:00 in the morning and got done about 6:00 last night. We finished up with hamburgers on the grill and fresh strawberries, a fitting reward!

Historical information on Michigan

I got this link off the Pasty Cam - a website from the Keewanaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula - I am not sure what year it was made, but it is very interesting!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cassie is coming!

Cassie is coming!!! Cassie is going to come up for a week the first part of July, and are we going to have fun! I have plans to go to the water park, the pool, make stepping stones, play dates with some of the little girls here and of course taking care of the flowers, something Cassies likes to do also. We had planned for Cassie and Caylee to come together for a week, but with Chris and Jen moving that is not going to work out, hopefully we will work that out another time.
Fresh green beans- yum!! There was just enough for supper - and they were deliciious! I also harvested some fresh lettuce, if I had some bacon I would have made wilted lettuce, better for our cholesterol that I didn't, so salads it is. Our tomatoes are about golf ball size - I am so ready for a homegrown tomato!! The radishes are done, gone to seed, the onions are getting big, I have 2 zuchinni plants that have several small squash on, maybe by the end of the week we will be enjoying them. My green peppers are blooming, but none on yet.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture of Middle America

Yesterday we went down to the little town of Murrayville, population 650. Wendell's brother Kevin and his family live there. They were celebrating 150 years. The parade was an hour long with soldiers, tractors, horses, church floats, Masons in their tin lizzies, tractors, family floats, and a quilt show at the Methodist church (with over 150 quilts). Wendell's nephew, Eli, is driving the lawn tractor pulling the float for the 4-H and his brother is walking behind throwing candy, his sister-in-law, Wendy, is walking with the group from the bank she works at. Did I mention tractors? I can't tell you how many tractors were in the parade, mainly old ones, antique ones, many farmers pride themselves in restoring old tractors and they even have a festival here in the fall dedicated to them. There was one in the parade that was steam powered! Of course one of the guys had to drive up in the newest, latest, greatest version - the tank looking one- boy have they come a long way! This area is mainly corn, bean and wheat crops, for as many miles as you can drive each way in Illinois. You will see some cattle farms, hog farms and even an occasional chicken farm, but it is mainly crops. The farmers are having a rough time this spring, we have had over 22 inches (that is about 5 inches above normal) of rain and they are not being able to get their crops in. Areas near the Mississippi and Illinois rivers (Quincy, Illinois has been on the news and is about 60 miles from us on the Mississippi) are being flooded, it is such a sad sight - acres and acres of crop land, homes and businesses are under water. We are at the mercy of the rain and snow thaw from the north as it travels down to the gulf of Mexico. Murrayville had three days of celebration, and a lot of sweat and long hours of work went into it - they did a great job!

Friday, June 20, 2008

What a great looking family!

Chris had a conference in San Antonio, Texas, so the whole family came along for a getaway and to visit Sea World. Looks like they had a great time!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nicks new do!

Nick finally decided to get his hair cut short! all on his own! I think it makes him look older, what do you all think?

This mornings view!

Here we are in Louisville for a long weekend. We came in yesterday and this morning woke up to this view, the boys are growing and doing well!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Playing around with my photo program.

I took these closeup pictures this morning and then sat down for a few minutes just to play with the program. Boy does time fly, and voila here they are!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rain, rain, rain, Colorado Springs Colorado and another untimely death!

We woke up very early Tuesday morning to a thunderstorm, lightning and lots of wind. When I checked the rain gauge mid morning and after it let up we had about 1 inch.. Nick and I ran some errands and about the time we pulled into Shopkos parking lot it let loose again. When I got home I checked the rain gauge again, 1/2 inch. Later that evening I attended a memorial service for another of our local surgeons. He was 57 years old, an avid bicyclist and orthopaedic surgeon, I had worked with him for many years in surgery at the hospital and considered him a friend. He was on a biking tour in Sienna, Italy with his son and for some unknown reason (maybe a pothole) veered into traffic and was killed instantly. What a shock for all of us at the hospital and in the community. He took care of Dan when he was hit by a car and performed 2 surgeries on his leg. That is actually the third surgeon here to die in 3 months, the first was a surgeon who was 77 years old, Dr Drennan, who died of a heart attack, then Dr Fox and now Dr Scott. We found out about Dr Scotts death on May 28th, on May 29th the hospital had a memorial for Dr Fox, at which I was asked to speak. It was a very difficult thing, and I really wish I could have been less emotional, but I couldn't, I cried. His wife and 3 of his 5 children attended. I was happy for the opportunity to share what a friend he was and to relate the impact he had on my life. Deaths of those close to us at a young age is a reminder that God can call us home at a moments notice and we need to be ready. It makes me consider alot of things: have I said all the things I want to say to the people who are important to me, have I made amends with those whom I have offended, have I forgiven those who have offended me, have I shared the love of Christ with those who are lost, so when they die they also will see Jesus? I have always known life was fleeting, but these deaths have brought it home to me again. During the memorial service it started pouring rain, the wind picked up and the tornado warning sirens went off! We were in a chapel on the campus of Illinois College, it was filled with the high society of our little town, Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, civic leaders, the mayor and hundreds of others, if a tornado would have took us out, the town would have lost most of its leaders. But no one moved, except the funeral directors who went to the back, my guess they contacted authorities to see if there was immediate danger to the area and obviously not, because the service continued for another 30 minutes and when it ended, the rain was coming down in buckets still. Very appropriate for the sadness felt in our community. The next morning I checked the rain gauge another 1.8 inches for a total of 3.3 inches in 24 hours. Now about Colorado Springs, Colarado. Christopher got an innocent looking email at work yesterday morning, and surprise ... you and your family are being transferred to Colorado Springs, Colarado, the Air Force Academy, effective September 2008! Yes that is just 3 months away, they are in shock, needless to say. Please pray for them as they have to sell their house, find a new one, say goodbye to those they have come to love in Shreveport, including their church family and start all over in Colorado. This is a 4 year tour, and yes he may have to be deployed overseas again, however we will deal with that when and if the time comes. God is good, and He is in control, so I am excited to see what exciting adventure he has planned for Christopher, Jennifer, Jordan and Caylee in Colorado Springs! (and what a beautiful place to visit!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The seedlings progress

In one of the window boxes on the front of the house, the red marigolds are beginning to bloom The tomato plants are almost blooming, you can also see Wendells green beans, onions, radishes and lettuce. We have already harvested lettuce and radishes. containers, containers, containers - if you notice in the oval tub is my herbs, the italian flat leaf parsley and sweet basil are coming right along!
As I drive around town and see all the blooming plants and I look at mine that aren't there yet, I just remind myself I saved alot of money by starting the seeds and when they do bloom they will be just as beautiful!! I am guessing I saved at least 2 tanks worth of gas by planting seeds, and with the price of gas every little bit helps!

Todays garden shots

Lavendar ready to harvest
This rose always makes its display for Nicks birthday I have taken many pictures of this clematis on the cedar rail fence in the front yard Pastel yarrow Nearly wild rose shrub near the clematis

Sunday, June 1, 2008

17 years old!!!!!!

It's true - he is 17, not thE 574 on the cake! What a great kid, I am so proud of him and the of his mom for the great job she has done - it will be amazing to see what he does with his life, I am sure he will be able to do whatever he sets his mind to.