Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painted Dresser, Still in process

Still no hardware, I may have to paint and use what was on it if I don't find something I like better.
I really like the painted finish

Painted Dresser, preview

When Nick left for the Air Force, it left his room available for the guest room, I will post pictures of the room when it is completely done. This dresser and the nightstand have been in the bedroom for years, so I decided to jump into the painted furniture pool and try it.
It is solid wood and well made.
I should have taken the picture with the drawers in, but too late they were already on the floor. I primed it all with Kilz and then painted it a robins egg blue. I then used a dry brush with Oyster white, antiqued it and then finished it off with Poly.
I still don't have the hardware on, finished pictures to follow!