Thursday, August 30, 2007

Scenes from my yard.

We still have not had any rain - they keep promising, but it passes us by!
School has begun - Nick is into the swing of it, and looking for a job - a 16 year old with dreams of his own car!
I am loving my part time job and having time at home just to do the things I love - quilting, gardening, reading and of course the usual chores.
We are still enjoying tomatoes and zuchinni and several herbs from the garden, but so much of the landscape is getting burned up. I water the flower beds, but the 95 - 100 degree heat wave we have had for a month has still overcome a lot of them. I have 3 hydrangea plants that I have watered alot and the plants are beautiful, but no blooms due to the late freeze we had - next year I will be diligent to cover them if there is a threat.
We are looking forward to the middle of September, we are going to babysit the twins while Dan and April go to Florida for 5 days. Wendell and I are both taking vacation, they are crawling, pulling up and generally getting into everything! We are really looking forward to it!
It's a beautiful day today, a cold front has passed through and it just a perfect morning! I don't think it is even going to get out of the 90's - that is a real change!
Have a great day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beach shots

Some more shots of the beach it was so nice to be at a hotel right on the water - I got a great tan in just a few days, even though I kept covered with SPF 30 sunblock. I can't imagine if we had not. The pier in the picture is a fishing pier and it is open all night, $4 per person to fish and just $1 per person to walk out on it, we walked out twice at night - the wind was warm and the waves were crashing - kind've surreal for us midwesterners.

Birthday party on the beach

We had an early birthday party for Cassie (her birthday is Aug 31st) - Johns parents, sister-in-law and her two girls, and some family friends came. It was a windy but beautiful day. That is Tanias husband talking to Wendell - it was a very nice day.

August in Florida

These are some shots from the week - the weather was great. The sea was calm the first 2 days and then the waves got bigger and bigger - I am assuming due to Hurricaine Dean. We had alot of fun playing with the kids - even Wendell swam everyday. Don't you just love my swimming dress - that's what happens when you keep getting bigger and bigger. There were parrots in the trees, coconuts and exotic flowers - we ate breakfast at the open air cafe on the beach near our hotel everyday after our morning walk - if it weren't for the hurricaines it would be a good life on the ocean.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happiness is...

....enjoying your grandkids - we will be with Tania's family next week and, if not before, we will be with Chris and family the first week of December.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Is this sweet or what! We took the boys outside to feel the grass and rocks in their toes. They sat on the step and within 2 seconds wanted to get down in the rocks! I sure wish we lived closer - next month they are coming to our house for a few days while mom and dad take a trip - we can't wait!

The boys!

As you can see they are growing fast! they are both pulling up to their feet and I am sure Micah is going to walk soon - he will let go and just stand there! Boy are they in trouble, they are only 9 months old!